2023 Giving Statements have been sent out. For questions, please contact New Life’s accounting team at accounting@nlcf.org.
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The Team

Support Staff

Jennifer Pacacha

Assistant to Pastor Paul Zink II

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Amber Zink

Assistant to Pastor Glenn Wilkes

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Jinny Waski

Assistant to Pastor Rachel Self & Pastor Thomas Smith

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Sarah Grace Jones

Assistant to Pastor Ferrill Gallaway & Student Ministries

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Natalia Hernandez

Production/ Communications Coordinator & Website Manager

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Jeff Alford

Senior Audio Engineer

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Dale Zink

IT Director

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Loria Burdick

Assistant to HR, Accounting, and IT

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Dhennie Wallace


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Jason Trapp

Accounting Manager

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Sophea Tantorno

Membership Secretary

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Esther Wright

HR Director

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Renee Smith

HR Assistant

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Vickie D’Elia


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Ryan Norton

Master Calendar Coordinator

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Johnny Allen

Housekeeping Supervisor

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Tommy Neel


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John Perez-Guerra


Laurie Holcombe