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About Us

About Us

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here!

What an honor for us to join with you as we worship the Creator of all! We believe that Sunday morning is simply a celebration of what we’ve been living all week long, and we don’t take for granted the privilege of having others from all backgrounds here to celebrate with us.

We want to be the church that the Bible talks about… with true worship, teaching that pierces the heart, and authentic relationships that grow and mature us.

Whether you are deeply rooted in the things of God, coming back around or new to this whole thing, we want you to feel right at home.

And so, we open our front door and we open our hearts. This is just the beginning!

Paul & Wendy Zink

The Code

We exist to lead people to a new life in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

These are the principles at the center of our ministry. They are who we are and where we are going. Everything that is done is connected to and comes out of these beliefs.

The Code

There are no ladders, stages or pedestals

When others chase stages, we choose an altar. From that altar we are able to honor the generations before, behind and beside us.

Our stuff is not our stuff

We hold loosely to things and tightly to Him. Whether we worship in a sanctuary or a tent, we seek to encounter God and we steward His gifts (our resources), diligently, intentionally and with faithful prayer. We are a people generous with our funds, our belongings and our lives.

We believe the whole thing

We walk boldly and live radically because of the gifts He’s given: wise counsel and clear understanding, miracles and healing, heavenly language and simple trust. It’s not about the gifts in us, rather the God in us.

To be a follower of Christ is to be a fisher of men

As we love the least, the lost and the lonely, we live outside comfort zones and comfortable Christianity. We preach the gospel with hands in the dirt, knees on the ground and faces toward heaven.

It may get loud

We unashamedly turn the music up and find great freedom in expressive worship. We worship God through music and song, but that doesn’t end when the music stops. When we walk out of the church building, we also live worship in serving, forgiving and loving others. These are our acts of worship.

It’s not rules to us

We have been called to a higher standard; a narrow way. Hearts aflame, we live set apart, holy and devoted to the One who saved us. It’s the outer expression of our inner devotion.

There are no shortcuts

Roots reach deep, perfecting us to maturity. We are called to live strong, to sink our roots deep and grow, which sees us through the winds of adversity to the end of our days.

Join the song

We’re one voice in a massive choir. We sing His praise and shout His name. We don’t have an agenda and we’re not hyping the next cause. We join with those down the street and across the ocean to tell the world Jesus is alive!