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World Missions

“We can’t ever forget God’s heart towards the nations. He has not forgotten them. He knows their name, He knows their face, He knows their need, and because of that, we cannot forget them either. When you give to missions you are giving to boots on the ground that are doing the work of the Gospel every single day. It is our heart to stand with our missionaries and support them both in prayer and financially. When you give to the General Missions Fund, Native Pastor Support, or Prison Ministry Support, you can feel confident that every dollar goes to the missionaries we support and the work they do to spread the Gospel around the world.”

Pastor Paul Zink II

Proudly Supporting

World Missionaries and Organizations

Map of Supported Missionaries Around the World
Headshot of Ariel and Paz Acuna

Ariel & Paz Acuna

Go To Nations

Headshot of Jason Benedict

Jason and Kim Benedict

Go To Nations 

Headshot of Jeremiah and Courtenay Bowser

Jeremiah & Courtenay Bowser

Ignition Point Ministries

Headshot of Bishop Benjamin and Grace Brukh

Bishop Benjamin & Grace Brukh


Headshot of Jennifer Cook

Jennifer Cook

TMCI/Joy to the Nations

Headshot of Joy Dodd

Joy Dodd

TMCI/Joy to the Nations

Children at Church in Honduras

Pastors Luis & Raquel Gomez

Monte Carmelo School El Plan Honduras 

Headshot of Jeremy and Patricia Israel

Jeremy & Patricia Israel

Commission to Every Nation

Headshot of Hannah Zink

Hannah Zink

Overland Missions Zambia

Headshot of Charles and Elyse Jones

Charles & Elyse Jones

Overland Missions

Headshot of Craig Kuehn

Craig Kuehn

Go To Nations 

Headshot of Jason and Kristi Loper

Jason & Kristi Loper

Assemblies of God
Tibet, Nepal, Himalayas

Headshot of Tim and Nancy Lovelace

Tim & Nancy Lovelace

Go To Nations 

Headshot of Audrey Mack

Audrey Mack

Go Tell Ministries 

Headshot of Janet Meyers

Janet Meyers

Go To Nations 

Headshot of Avi Mizrachi

Avi Mizrachi

Dugit Ministries

Headshot of Jane Marie & JJ Newell

Jane Marie & JJ Newell

Overland Missions 

Native Pastor Graduates

Native Pastors in Southeast Asia

Go To Nations 

Headshot of Ben and Kelsi Patton

Ben & Kelsi Patton

Overland Missions

Headshot of Lauren Pizzuro

Lauren Pizzurro

Overland Missions

Headshot of Jim and Brenda Puhr

Jim & Brenda Puhr

Christian Missions International
Budapest, Hungary 

Headshot of Natasha Schedrivaya

Natasha Schedrivaya

International Gospel Center

Headshot of Sergey Shidlovskiy

Sergey Shidlovskiy


Headshot of Charity Smith

Charity Smith

Overland Missions

Headshot of Adam Snider

Adam & Ingrid Snider

Overland Missions

Headshot of Rachel Tikkala

Rachel and Tapio Tikkala

Overland Missions

Headshot of Daniel and Sharon Williams

Daniel & Sharon Williams

Act 4 Nations
Act 4 Israel NOW 

Headshot of Dr. Jerry and Beverly Williamson

Dr. Jerry & Beverly Williamson

Go To Nations 

Headshot of Jonah Vroegindewey

Jonah Vroegindewey

Overland Missions

Headshot of Ethan Zink

Ethan & Victoria Zink

Overland Missions